Frequently asked photography questions

When you want to record your special day, or get a family portrait just right, you need to make sure every detail is right. Nessy Eyles Photography has years of experience capturing these moments throughout Central Queensland.

To help keep new clients informed, Nessy has answered some questions that her customers ask on a regular basis below.

If you have anything else to ask, don’t hesitate to give Nessy a call.

I sure can! While our glamour shoots are open to all customers, they are a great way to create some unique and interesting pieces to fill out your portfolio.
I no longer provide specialised maternity photos; however, I can still take family portraits for young children and their parents.
Certainly. I work closely with Chamay Brown Hair & Makeup, who is very talented and affordable. We can coordinate to ensure you have the perfect look for your glamour shoot.

Eye Spy A Studio in Rockhampton has a stock of props, scenery and costumes. However, these are limited, so if you have a particular idea you should source any material and bring them with you to the studio or outdoor shoot location. Feel free to call me if you want to workshop your ideas, I’d be happy to give any advice I can.

I don’t have any set hours and can usually adjust my schedule to suit your desired time. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, I may need advance notification to plan and travel.